Planning to move from one place to another is always challenging. The challenges are compounded when one intends to move during the winter. Moving from coast-to-coast is a breathtaking journey that might take more than 3000 miles. It’s a great adventure seeing new places and interacting with people from different cultures. However, challenges will also be there such as complex routes and extreme cold weather among others.

These few tips will help you to make the move interesting.


1. Dress Appropriately

Dressing appropriately during the winter move is an important tip that every person should understand. You need to wear several layers of clothes. This will enable you to remove some few layers when it becomes too hot, especially when packing or loading boxes. You can as well add some layers at night when temperatures drop.

2. Move During the Day

Moving during the winter is complicated by the fact that the road could be blocked by snow and ice. It is recommended that you move during the day so that you can clear the sidewalks and the road with ease. Moving at night complicates matters because of reduced visibility in potentially dangerous road conditions. It’s best to keep your move to daylight hours to reduce the danger of driving through snow or ice.

3. Stock Hot Beverages

Moving houses during the winter is very harsh. Moving from coast-to-coast is very complicated because the journey is too long and slow due to bad weather. To keep everyone hot, you will need to stock enough coffee, tea, and cocoa. This will help the people helping you to keep their bodies warm. You can as well purchase sandwiches or any other snack to keep energy levels high.

4. Check the New Home Utilities

Before moving, you should make sure that the utilities of your new home are running. This means that water and electricity are running. Your landlord should also connect and switch on the heating system so that you can get a warm house. Remember that you don’t have time to start connecting water or electricity in the middle of winter. Nobody wants this disaster.

5. Start Your Move Earlier

Days during the winter are slightly shorter. This means that you will have less travel time. To avoid a situation where you will be forced to travel at night, make sure that you start your move early in the morning. You will probably add two or three hours, which are very important in your move. This strategy can also help you to avoid traffic, especially if you have to move from the city center.


6. Hire Professional Movers

Moving across the country is a daunting task to any person. The move is complicated by the fact that you are moving during the winter season. This means that you need the services of a professional mover. Moving companies, especially those with experience will help you to pack your belongings so that the cold winter weather does not destroy them. Moving at this season will also help you to save some money as there are only a few people moving, which means that there is no demand for professional movers.

These tips will help you to move across the country safely without any problems to you, your family and also to your belongings. You should make sure that everything is done with the precision and accuracy that it deserves as a slight mistake could lead to devastating challenges.

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