Moving across the country is one of the more difficult aspects of relocation, and tends to be one of the toughest kinds of residential moves. Moving across state borders means that you have to take special care of your belongings that you want to move to a new home. You may also need to adhere to certain guidelines when going through the move. All of this can be overwhelming, especially if you have a large number of belongings or have to do this alone.

A checklist can be a huge help when trying to make this process easier and can ensure that you don’t leave anything behind. Here are some pointers for creating your checklist and preparing your belongings for your packers and movers.

1. Accounting For Valuables

Your valuables should always be the first thing that you account for when conducting any kind of cross country move. Store them in a way wherein they can stay safe and can’t be damaged. Use special packaging if you have to. Don’t forget to let your moving company know which boxes have valuables in it so that they can keep it safe.


2. Properly Storing Documents

Documents can sometimes be more valuable than the actual items in your home, and keeping these safe should be your top priority. During your move, keep all the documents that you would need on you, and store the rest properly to transport to your new home.

3. Properly Packing Big Appliances

Large appliances can be tricky to deal with, especially when trying to move from one state to another. If you have any big appliances that need to be transported, pack them a day in advance before your movers get in. There are plenty of guides online that can help you figure out exactly how to pack and store each of your larger appliances.

4. Conducting A Clean-Up

Before you start packing your items in your home, make sure that they are clean and aren’t full of dust. Use this time also to figure out exactly what items you want to move, and which ones you leave behind. There is no better time to get rid of the clutter than when moving into a new home.

5. Marking Boxes Properly

Once you have packed all of your items, properly labeling them is essential. This is something that will help the movers identify how exactly they want to store your boxes, and what needs to be kept safer. Make sure you use a dark marker so as to make the markings visible.

6. Taking Care of Children And Pets

Moving is already a stressful task, and moving with pets and children can be an even bigger job to handle. Make sure that there is someone to take care of your children and pets while the movers are taking away your boxes so that they can stay safe and wait till the job is done and you are ready to go.


7. Unplugging Your Home

Unplugging your home doesn’t only mean unplugging your larger appliances and storing them. It also means turning off any connections that may exist so as to avoid large electricity bills even after you move. Make sure that every power source is turned off once you are ready to close your doors and travel to your new home.

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